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Cleaning Chemicals

Creating a clean working environment is just as important as creating a safe working environment. Cleaning products can of course be used in domestic circumstances as well, and many of the products we offer are also suitable for home use.

Whether you are looking for something to use domestically or professionally, we offer a range of products, and can provide any help you need to ascertain what cleaning chemicals are the right ones for you.

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cleaning chemicals

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Here at Safetyshop, we value the environment as much as we value safety, and that is why we offer a range of products made by Maxima Green, which are environmentally conscious yet efficient. The Maxima Green neutral floor cleaner is powerful enough to remove heel marks from rubber-soled shoes, yet contains no harmful solvents, was not developed using animal testing and was not manufactured using strong acids.

When you use a Maxima Green product you can do so with a clean conscience; not only are you being friendly to the environment, you are getting results too. In addition to Maxima Green floor cleaner, we also offer Maxima Green multi-purpose cleaner, Maxima Green daily toilet cleaner and Maxima Green air freshener.

For disinfectants, we recommend the Bioguard disinfectant cleaner, which is effective against bacteria, fungi, moulds, viruses and yeasts. It deactivates viruses in less than two minutes, making it a highly-prized addition to hospitals and doctors' surgeries.

If you are in need of something a little more versatile, we also offer a range of all-purpose cleaners. such as Dettol and Flash. These anti-bacterial surface cleaners are well known for being used in the home of course, but are also great all-rounders for smaller offices and workplaces.

If you are not completely sure what cleaning chemicals you should go for, Safetyshop can help you narrow down your options and select the perfect products for your home or workplace.