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Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs must be used by employers and duty holders when they have a duty of care to protect the public and employees on their premises or the site they are working on. These signs relate to the use of equipment and machinery, and they instruct and inform employees regarding specific areas and actions. Use of these signs helps employers to adhere to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

Safetyshop has an extensive catalogue of mandatory signs with white text and pictograms on a blue or red background. These signs are affordable and can be purchased in multipacks for liberal use in the workplace.

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mandatory signs

Mandatory signs should be used to reduce the residual risk to employees around the work place by outlining certain measures that should be undertaken. These signs are not a substitute for all reasonable precautions being taken to prevent accidents in the workplace, but they are a core component of health and safety procedures. All our mandatory signs are self-explanatory and prescribe a specific course of behaviour, such as Eye Protection Must Be Worn.

When using mandatory signs in the workplace, ensure that they are clear and large enough for workers to see clearly. To maximise their impact, avoid using them in close proximity to one another, though more than one sign may be necessary if multiple actions or warnings are required. The majority of mandatory signs are circular in shape.

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The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace is of paramount importance in construction and other industries, and Safetyshop carries an extensive range of protection signs, including Hearing Protection Must Be Worn, Foot Protection Must Be Worn and Hand Protection Must Be Worn. These signs inform workers about the equipment they must wear when operating machinery or entering a particular workspace. All of these options can be purchased in a six-pack.

For more general use mandatory signs, we also offer Keep Out, Keep Locked and Keep Off signage. We also have photo-luminescent signs, which appear bright white in daytime and glow in darker conditions.

All of our products conform to UK and EU legislation, and can be positioned and applied in any manner required.