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Safety Glasses, Goggles & Faceshields

Eye protection is an important part of safety at work. Employers are expected to reduce hazards in the workplace as much as possible, but if it is not possible to reduce the risk, then protective equipment will be required. Under health and safety regulations, protective eyewear must be worn in areas where there are hazards that might injure the eye, including chemicals, flying particles and other risks. Workplaces that commonly require eye protection are factories, laboratories, warehouses and workshops. Safety is of the utmost concern, as more than 90 per cent of accidents involving eye injuries could be prevented by the use of protective eyewear.

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In hazardous workplaces, employers should not only provide protection for their employees, but also for any visitors to their site. Safetyshop’s Over Glasses Safety Glasses are economical glasses that can be worn by both visitors and employees. The glasses are made from tough polycarbonate with moulded side shields. The glasses comply with all appropriate safety regulations such as EN166 IF and are marked CE, a requirement for all personal protective equipment. Our Economy Impact Goggles are compact and lightweight and provide excellent protection from flying particles. With a PVC frame and tough polycarbonate lenses, they are lightweight and comfortable yet highly effective. Vents in the body of the frame provide for greater comfort. Protective eyewear should not only to be effective in shielding the eyes, but also comfortable for workers to wear for protracted periods.

As with any form of eyewear, safety glasses get dirty, and blurred vision is also a risk factor. This lens cleaning station is an ideal solution as it can be mounted to a wall, so staff will always know where to find it. The wipes are suitable for use on goggles and faceshields, as well as glasses.