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More Fire Safety Signs

Fire is a major safety hazard in any workplace. Under health and safety rules, employers are obliged to have signs in place that will reduce the risk of fire and to ensure that all staff know what to do in the event of a fire. Fire safety signs may warn of specific hazards within the workplace, especially if flammable liquids or chemicals are used in certain areas. Fire safety signs are also required to inform staff and any visitors of where the fire exits are located. Other fire safety signs including fire action signs may be used to indicate where fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment are located.

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Our Fire Extinguisher Signs – Fire Blanket signs carry clear instructions for use of fire blankets in clothing or kitchen fires. The signs comply with the 1997 Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations and are a clear way of indicating where fire-fighting equipment is to be found. All the symbols comply with the BS EN USO 7010 and are HSSA assured. The signs are made from self-adhesive vinyl and are ideal for sticking onto curved cylinders. The signs are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Our Emergency Evacuation Chair signs are highly visible and inform staff of where to find emergency evacuation equipment. Being able to identify such equipment quickly is vital in an emergency so as not to delay the evacuation of the building. The signs are made from 3mm foamed plastic that is strong and durable. The signs are also pre-drilled to make hanging easy. If you need to turn off dangerous machinery before evacuating the building, this red emergency stop sign will ensure that everyone knows the location of the override switch.