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Office Equipment

The health and safety at work etc. act 1974 was a revolutionary piece of legislation that had profound implications for both employers and employees. It made it mandatory for employers to provide a safe and well-managed working environment for their employees, where risks to their health and safety are carefully controlled.

An office with floors cluttered with trip hazards like uncovered electrical cable runs, badly-designed seating and equipment inadequate for the tasks employees are expected to perform clearly will not comply with the requirements of this legislation.

Happily, though, if your office needs a little love, we at Safetyshop offer a wide range of office equipment that will help you stay on the right side of health and safety legislation and ensure that your staff are comfortable, properly equipped, safe and content.

office furniture

A safe and efficient office does not simply happen - you have to make it safe and efficient, and office equipment is a key part of this process.

Inadequate chairs, for example, are not merely uncomfortable; they can result in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that can cause distressing pain and time off work. Durable, ergonomic chairs such as those supplied by Safetyshop are an investment rather than yet another overhead; it pays dividends to help your staff avoid MSDs that could result in you losing business through injury-induced absenteeism.

We also have an extensive range of office door signs, whiteboards, and other products that will help ensure your business is meeting health and safety requirements and taking care of its staff. The likes of information guides and risk assessment kits and posters will help your staff understand what they need to do to comply with legislation and safeguard their own health.

Office Supplies: Buying Guide

At its most elementary and succinct, the term ‘office equipment’ refers to any asset used to make an office operational, from light fixtures and door signs to whiteboards and health and safety posters to desks and chairs.

Our display and presentation range of products not only includes office essentials like Flipcharts, Whiteboards & Accessories, but a comprehensive range of Health & Safety Information Guides and Health and Safety Posters, which will help staff understand their obligations, as well as yours. We also offer a varied range of Notice Boards, Snap Frames & Literature Racks, as well as Aluminium & Brass Door Signs and Sliding Door Signs.

But this is merely the tip of the extensive range of office equipment we offer. We stock a rich assortment of office furniture, including Disability AidsOffice Equipment and Workstation Ergonomics, such as adjustable footrests, lumbar support pads for chairs and gel wrist supports for keyboard and mouse use. We can also meet all your stationery requirements and supply outdoor benches where needed.

In addition, we have a huge range of Tags & Labels to help you keep track of your equipment and put together inventory reports, and an excellent selection of Electrical Safety Equipment, such as Plug Safety items and Cable Management products to eliminate trip hazards originating from loose cables.