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Emergency Stretchers & Chairs

Whether you work in the construction industry, in a factory environment or among members of the community, you’re likely to have been trained in basic aspects of first aid and CPR. Our basic and professional grade first kits, accessories and associated paraphernalia will allow you to get on with the task of treating an injured or ill person in a safe and efficient manner. However, should injuries appear severe or the patient need moving, you’re going to need further assistance: our range of emergency stretchers and chairs will protect your patient while the correct kind of care is administered.

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emergency stretchers and chairs

Some injuries may appear worse than they are, while others aren’t apparent at first. It’s always best to treat injured and ill patients with caution to prevent doing them further damage, particularly if a person has been the victim of a traumatic experience, such as an accident or severe fall, or if they’ve been knocked unconscious.

The emergency folding stretcher, scoop stretcher and spinal immobilisation board sold on SafetyShop’s website will enable those in a first aid position to keep patients still until their injuries can be treated and assessed, and to safely move a person from the point of the accident into an ambulance. To aid the safe and efficient use of our stretchers, we sell stretcher straps, spinal board straps and a spider strap system, as well as a head immobiliser. Made with the same care and quality as our stretchers, these accessories ensure a person receiving first aid is kept still to reduce the risk of injuries being exacerbated by movement. These stretchers and accessories are ideal for workplaces, community centres and event venues, providing instant support for those who are first on the scene.

When it comes to patient transportation, some people will be more able to move than others, and may merely need a little help getting around. Under these circumstances, wheelchairs are both popular and helpful. Our self-propelled wheelchair can be used in a variety of situations, alone or with assistance, and conforms to all HSE and British Standard specifications. If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for at any point, please do give us a call; our friendly and helpful advice can match you with the right product in an instant, and save you and money in the process.