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Storage Equipment

Storage lockers are a must in many different types of workplace, including schools. From the storage of workers’ personal items to the storage of work equipment such as first aid supplies or PPE, the lockers are versatile as they come in different shapes and sizes. Forget the traditional dull look – these days lockers come in a variety of colours and can help to brighten up any storage area.

The units come pre-drilled so they can be easily fitted together and stood back to back or side by side. The steel construction is coated with an epoxy polyester that gives it a glossy finish and added protection.

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Of course, when it comes to locker rooms it is not only lockable storage that is needed. Island seating units are very useful and are ideal in areas such as factories, where workers need to change their clothes or store PPE. These are seating units that have coat hooks overhead and they can be double or single-sided units as needed. Additional features include shoe baskets or trays and they need to be assembled on-site. Multi-purpose storage solutions can be useful in workplaces where space is at a premium. The workstation unit can be used both as a desk and as a storage unit. The reinforced unit is perfect for areas where a desk is needed in a warehouse environment. The three-point locking system provides additional peace of mind and there is a mobile base kit that can be purchased separately if needed.