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Economy Aluminium Signs

One of the most important responsibilities that employers have towards their employees is to ensure their health and safety in the workplace.

The nature of this duty will be different depending on the type of workplace, with the health and safety needs of a construction site being very different to those of a school or hospital, or an office building.

The Health and Safety Executive states that all workplaces must carry out a health and safety assessment and also use appropriate signs when necessary. We have a wide range of warning and instructional signs at Safetyshop, including economy aluminium signs.

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Almost every workplace, regardless of its type, will have to use signs to denote fire exits, routes and assembly points. A big part of a health and safety assessment, in fact, is in determining the quickest and safest route out of a building or site should a fire occur, and once this has been established, this route should be clearly and obviously signed so that anyone can follow it, whether they are familiar with the workplace or not. Our Arrow Right Economy Aluminium sign is compliant with all current official regulations and directives, and is made of aluminium with an attractive high-gloss finish that makes it very durable. Due to the strong aluminium that this sign is made from, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it has smooth, rounded edges to prevent any potential accidents that might arise from the metal.