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Information Braille Signs

Making your workplace safe and welcoming for people with disabilities is an important part of ensuring you are adhering to relevant health and safety guidelines.

This is especially important for workplaces with members of staff who are disabled, have mobility issues or are deaf, blind or otherwise impaired.

You should endeavour to make your workplace, commercial building or public building as welcoming as possible for all visitors and guests.

We have a wide range of warning and hazard signs at Safetyshop for all occasions, and that includes information Braille signs.

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Many of our information Braille signs include not only Braille, but also raised symbols and lettering, with strong contrasting colours to help those with partial sight. Where applicable, our signs conform to ISO 7010 and the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, as well as offering universal application, making them versatile and easy to use. These signs should be placed in important areas around your building or workplace, in order to ensure the safety of those with partial or no sight, but must not be used as the only means of directing a blind or partially sighted person away from hazards or towards escape routes. If you can’t find exactly what it is you need in this product range, it may be that your needs will best be met by our Custom  Tactile & Braille Signs, which you can customise with symbols, background colour, and text and symbol colour, as well as images of your own design.