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Bumps & Bollards

Bumps and bollards are an important investment for any private car park. Whether it’s your office’s private car park or private parking for a hotel, restaurant or shopping centre, bollards and bumps are integral traffic calming measures and can help direct the flow of traffic.

Bumps can be used on private roads such as long driveways if you’re worried about people speeding down private property. Our Pacer Speed Ramps and Endcaps can slow cars to 5mph and can withstand vehicles of up to 40 tonnes. They’re easy to install with modular sections and can be used on asphalt and concrete.

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If you’re looking to not only slow down traffic but also direct it, then our One Way Traffic Flow Plates are a great investment. They’re a really great way of ensuring that traffic is only going in one direction as vehicles can only pass over them in one direction. If you choose to use such a product, then you will need to warn drivers with an appropriate sign as the ramps also reduce cars to a speed of 5mph. These ramps are great in areas where traffic calming is necessary, such as near schools, but they also work in car parks to stop drivers from using the exit as an entrance and vice versa. Another popular traffic calming product is the Policeman Speed Bump System, which is simple and easy to use. We also have a wide range of bollards that are great for directing the flow of traffic.