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Fire Alarm & Call Point Signs

Fire alarm call point signs are essential for any workplace. They are needed to point workers and visitors in the direction of fire alarms, should the worst happen and the alarm needs to be raised.

As part of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all exits, alarms and escape routes need to be clearly marked.

Fire risk assessments should be carried out as part of a company’s health and safety programme. Fire alarm call point signs are just a small part of this.

The signs are versatile and can be positioned where needed, complying with the latest British Safety standards.

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The type and number of signs needed will depend upon the size of the workplace and the facilities that are there. Some simply point out where the alarms are, while others will direct the user to break the glass in order to raise the alarm. By clearly marking the various points, it means that if a fire were to occur then the alarm can be raised promptly. Workplaces can also obtain a sign that indicates which day of the week the fire alarm is tested. Regular tests are part of the health and safety programme and ensure that the alarms are in good working order and that everyone can hear them. Larger premises should test alarms once a week and can inform staff of this via the wall sign, so that when they hear the alarm at that time they will not mistake it for a drill