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Disposable Gloves

There’s an unavoidable fact about human existence: we’re accident-prone creatures. On occasions, even with the most careful health and safety polices and measures fully in place, we’ll manage to cut or scrape ourselves – not great when you’re trying to get on with your work, and downright serious if you’re working in environments where contamination has to be avoided.

That’s why the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981 require employers to provide a workplace First Aid kit, irrespective of company size. You and your employees will never know when you’ll need it (accidents can’t exactly be planned in advance) but you can be sure that First Aid facilities will be needed by someone on your premises at some point.

Disposable gloves are a first aid essential, preventing the spread of infection during the treatment of wounds, changing dressings or handling waste. Here’s what we can offer at SafetyShop.com.

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first aid latex gloves

Latex gloves are amongst the most widely used First Aid gloves of all. Sufficiently thin to permit dexterity and sensitivity, they’re also tough enough to offer good resistance to abrasion and rupture/puncture. But they’re not the only option. We also provide disposable gloves made from synthetic rubber.

Buying Guide

It’s important to bear in mind when selecting first aid disposable gloves whether or not you need them to be powder free. 

The advantage of gloves powdered with cornstarch is that they’re much easier to put on and remove – the powder acts as a lubricant. The disadvantage is that the powder can form a plume of particles, especially upon removal, which can then cause contamination. When open wounds are being treated, powder free gloves are the safest option.

We supply three types of latex first aid disposable gloves:

Finex® Sterile Powder Free Gloves are designed to reduce the risk of contamination from the ‘powder plume’ that arises with powdered varieties. They provide a good barrier against contamination and have excellent strength for healthcare and first aid procedures. The exterior surface is chlorinated while the inner surface is polymer-coated, making these items a lower allergy risk for wearers and patients and easier to put on and remove. Available in Medium and Large sizes, each box contains 25 pairs.

Bodyguards® New Latex Gloves are another powder free latex option. Polymer coated to reduce allergy risk and made from natural latex, these gloves provide maximum sensitivity, comfort and dexterity – very important if you’re treating a wound. The gloves feature rolled cuffs to prevent liquids rolling back inside the glove. Each box contains 100 pairs, available in Medium or Large Sizes. These items meet the standards of the EN455 regulation for medical gloves (Medical Devices Class 1).

Bodyguards® Latex Powdered Gloves also comply with the European Union’s standard for medical gloves (EN455 Medical Devices Class I) but are lightly powdered to ease in donning and removal. As with the previous product, these items provide users with maximum sensitivity, dexterity and comfort. Available in boxes of 100 pairs in Medium or Large sizes.


I’m worried about my staff developing allergic reactions to latex proteins. Are there alternative first aid disposable gloves to latex?

Yes. Bodyguards® Nitrile Blue Gloves are entirely latex free as they are made from the synthetic rubber nitrile. They feel cool and comfortable to wear and, being powder free, reduce the risk of contamination. Bodyguards® 4 Blue Vinyl Powder Free Gloves and Clear Vinyl Powder Free Gloves are also latex free, being made from vinyl. All are available in packs of 100 in Medium and Large sizes.

Why not re-stock your First Aid kit with disposable gloves today?