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Fire Safety Signs

In the event of an emergency, it is vital that staff know what to do and where to assemble after evacuation. Fire safety signs enable organisations and all duty holders to adhere to health and safety legislation and regulations by clearly marking any emergency exits and escape routes.

Safetyshop has sourced a substantial selection of fire safety signs to help you to provide clear and concise instructions about the actions to take in the case of a fire or emergency. We offer a range of door signs; escape signs, exit signs and photo-luminescent placards for high visibility in low-light environments.

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fire safety signs

Purchasing fire exit signs is just one of the steps and relevant precautions you should take to keep your employees safe when there is a fire. You should also inform employees about the signs and what they mean, provide training in fire safety and conduct regular fire drills to ensure everyone knows what to do.

Fire Warning Signs: Buying Guide

The largest collection of fire safety signage is in the fire exit signs, all featuring the universal symbol of a green running figure on a white background pictured below. We offer dozens of these signs including a Nite-Glo Fire Exit Clear option and a Running Man Left & Arrow Diagonal Down Sign for more thorough directional advice.

We also offer a range of six-pack fire safety signs, including Fire Action Notice Signs that feature step-by-step instructions for people discovering a fire and what to do on hearing a fire alarm. These signs conform to BS 5499 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and can be positioned with ease where required.

For more detailed information and advice about fire extinguishers and how they should be used correctly, we have the affordable know your fire extinguisher colour code photo-luminescent signs, while the Dry Riser Photoluminescent Signs are ideal for showing people where fire-fighting equipment is kept.


Do you have a sign for fire alarm test dates?

Yes, our Notice Fire Alarm Test Day/Date Time Signs allow employers to clearly identify when their tests occur as part of standard health and risk assessments. This sign is in the fire alarm and call point signs selection, which also includes fire alarm signs and fire alarm call