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Face Masks & Respirators

Facemasks and respirators are essential for ensuring that the user does not come into contact with harmful substances that could be found in the air. Certain environments may be more dangerous than others, so using facemasks or respirators can ensure that workers are as safe as can be.

 With a range of disposable and reusable facemasks and respirators, there is a product that is suitable for every situation. Potential problems in the air include gases, vapours and dust, all of which can cause health problems if inhaled, particularly if the worker is exposed to them on a regular basis.

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All masks and respirators are designed to meet with current British standards of safety and they can help to protect the wearer against viruses and germs, keeping colds and flu at bay. The respirators are lightweight and therefore ideal for wearing for several hours at a time. Filter cartridges can be provided as needed and will help to deal with mists and fumes that are water-based, as well as radioactive substances. From disposable units to full-face respirators, all sizes and levels of safety are covered.