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Recycling Bins

Over the past 20 years recycling technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, helping us all to do our bit to protect the planet and helping businesses keep pace with an increasing number of environmental regulations. The new generation of recycling bins takes full account of this and makes it much easier to keep track of different kinds of waste. No more making do with bags and boxes – now you can get things properly organised with a system that staff will find easy to deal with.

Having recycling bins in the workplace encourages staff to be responsible about waste and gets them into good habits they’ll keep at home too. Modern bins don’t leak and are designed to be easy to move around. They’re practically designed to help keep the workplace tidy and are suitable for every environment, from offices to factory floors. Whatever your organization needs, you can find something suitable here.

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Different types of business produce different kinds of waste and that’s why you’ll find a variety of products, offering lots of flexibility. We have bins suitable for storing organic waste, paper, glass, metal and different types of plastic. Choosing bins in different colours makes it easy to remember which is which, and some have symbols to help with this. You’ll need to contact your local council to find out how recycling is organised at its end so that you can separate waste appropriately.

Buyers’ guide                          

The first thing to consider when buying recycling bins is how much capacity you’re going to need. We offer bins in all shape and sizes. Smaller ones may need to be emptied once or even twice a day but are much more discreet and less likely to cause an obstruction. If you opt for a larger bin, make sure you will be able to move it around without too much difficulty, paying attention not only to its weight but also to things like the size of doorways and lifts in your workplace.

Many of the bins we sell have wheels attached to make them easier to move. Others can easily be fitted onto a cart or carrying frame. Some are designed to be used with bags but others avoid this extra layer of waste and simply have wipe-clean interiors. There’s no need to use a bag with most types of office waste.

Our range of bins includes stackable options so that if you want to separate several different kinds of waste in a small workplace, it’s easy to do.

Lockable bins are a great option if you want to dispose of confidential papers. You don’t need to unlock them to put waste in but you do before you can take it out.

Because we know that things sometimes go missing, we also sell recycling bin lids separately. These are also useful if you already have several bins but they’re the same colour and you want to make them more distinctive.


How many recycling bins do I need?

This depends on the size of your workplace and how your local council separates waste. Call your local environmental health department for advice.

How sturdy are plastic recycling bins?

All the bins we sell are made from sturdy materials but if you are planning to recycle heavier material like glass or metal then you should choose one of the heaviest models.

Are there safety issues with recycling bins?

Like many aspects of workplace safety, this is largely about common sense. Don’t keep flammable recycling near heat sources and make sure staff members know not to put their hands inside bins that may contain sharp objects.