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Materials Handling

If you work in the construction industry, in an industrial setting or within a warehouse or workshop, there’s a good chance you’re frequently in contact with a myriad of materials that require storage and transportation. Whether you’re moving boxes of products, spare parts, machinery or chemicals, you must ensure that you have the right tools for the job or else risk breaching health and safety protocol.

The products stocked by SafetyShop, which are made to the highest specifications and with quality in mind, will fulfil a variety of material storage and handling requirements, no matter where you’re based.

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materials handling

The matter of storage is one that resonates with almost every industry, whether yours is a commercial space, a construction site, an industrial environment or a storage facility for another sector entirely. The kind of business that you operate and the types of material that you’re looking to store will determine the types of storage that will suit you. Most environments could find a use for plastic storage bins and containers, for example, while collapsible crates and pallet systems, as well as vertical frames and their associated extension bays would be better suited to large-scale storage solutions.

Once you’ve safely stored the materials within your workshop, factory floor or warehouse, you should turn your attention to transportation. How will you move materials from A to B with ease and efficiency, while ensuring the safety of those around you? SafetyShop is pleased to be able to stock a variety of material transportation methods, including security cages and transportation cages, platform trucks, lightweight trolleys, shelf trolleys, cargo trucks and turntable trucks. Each product has been designed with a different kind of transport in mind – please do view the specifications of our products to pair your business with the right kinds of transportation to meet its requirements.

As you shop with SafetyShop, you can be assured that the products we stock are of the highest quality and that they’re built to last; compliant with current HSE and British Standard guidelines, each storage container, flatbed trolley and roll cage has been rigorously checked prior to going on sale, and chosen for its ability to aid your working day. Please do contact our staff if you’re ever unsure of a product’s suitability or if you’d like to query its specifications; any of our advisors will be happy to help.