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Projecting 3D Signs

Under health and safety regulations, it is the duty of employers to ensure safety in the workplace. This duty applies both to employees and visiting members of the public. All employers must carry out an assessment of any hazards or risks, and then take action to minimise these risks. Safety signs must be displayed to warn employees and visitors of hazards within the workplace. They may be positioned at various points to provide information or to warn of particular hazards or risks. Safety signs can inform employees of extra care that needs to be taken, specialist equipment that needs to be used or what to do in the event of an accident or fire.

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First Aid Projecting 3D Signs can be positioned around the workplace to clearly mark the location of first aid, which must be made available in all workplaces. Installing 3D signs makes the location easily visible to both employees and visitors from all directions. The signs have been manufactured from semi-rigid plastic and are robust enough to be used either indoors or outdoors. All symbols used on the signs comply with ISO 7010. Pre-drilled holes make fixing the signs easy. Safetyshop also offers other projecting signs such as our Caution Fork Lift Trucks Projecting 3D Signs, which help inform all staff that trucks are operating in the area. Under the Health and Safety Regulations of 1996 (Safety Signs and Signals), such hazard signs must be displayed in any area where employees need to take extra care.