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Photoluminescent Fire Exit Signs

Fire exits should always be clearly marked in any workplace and the use of photoluminescent signs is a good idea to ensure that workers can always find them. Fire exit signs feature a symbol as well as words so are easily recognisable by all those on the premises.

 Every fire exit in the building should have one of these signs in place. Staff and visitors need to be able to see the signs clearly and find their way out of the building during a fire drill or in the event of fire. 

To facilitate unrestricted access to fire exits, you may want to use signage to inform people that fire escapes need to be kept clear.

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Photoluminescent Exit Signs: Buying Guide

When a company is required to carry out a fire safety risk assessment, the placing of fire exit signs is one of the requirements. The photoluminescent fire exit signs are designed to light up when it is dark, so even if a fire has caused the lights to go out, the signs can be clearly seen by all. They are made using a polyester film that is eco-friendly and they comply with all health and safety regulations. Fire doors that are sealed and designed to only be used in an emergency need to have the emergency door release signs. The signs should explain that it is an emergency fire door and how to open it if the fire alarm goes off. There are also signs that clearly state that a particular door should only be opened in an emergency, and can easily be placed where needed. All these signs conform to safety standards. 

One of our most popular products is the Fire Exit Projecting ‘3D’ Sign (Xtra-Glo). This robust and highly visible rigid plastic sign projects from its wall mounting above a fire exit rather like the corner of a box would. In each of its two surfaces are depicted the green ‘running man’ pictorial above the words “Fire Exit.” The big advantage of this sign is that it highlights the location of the emergency exit even in a blackout caused by a power failure or in smoky conditions, thanks to its highly photoluminescent ‘Xtra-Glo’ characteristics. Because it protrudes, its angled surfaces can be seen from several directions. This UV resistant sign can be used externally as well as internally.

Our Xtra-Glo Aluminium Fire Exit/Keep Clear Sign is equally photoluminescent and therefore visible in dark or smoky conditions. In fact, its photoluminosity is so long lasting and powerful that it illuminates for over 24 hours, exceeding PSP Class D standards. Its superior aesthetics and afterglow properties make it a fitting sign for prestigious buildings, or for transportation, tunnels, marine and offshore applications.