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Pipe Markers

Pipe markers are a very easy way to make sure that pipes are clearly labelled to help reduce the dangers associated with them. There are now very clear guidelines and legislation on this issue and employers have a responsibility to ensure that staff know which pipes are safe to touch and which should be avoided.

Pipe markers are easy to apply so no specialist training is needed, making it easier to protect staff even if there are only a few minutes in which to do the work. Markers are available for all different types of pipes including chemical, air and gas pipes.

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The pipe markers are designed to be durable and will handle all kinds of changes in temperature and sun exposure. They are designed to meet all the relevant health and safety legislation and the material is overlaminated so that it does not fade or disappear over time. If there is a piece of machinery that has a number of different pipes then workers need to be able to identify at a glance which pipe is which, particularly if the substances within them are considered toxic. Pipe markers for acids and alkalis are useful and they can be used in conjunction with a range of other health and safety labelling systems to ensure that all pipes and cables are clearly identified. Some markers are available as single units or come on a roll with the relevant information clearly printed. For air pipes, the markers are available without liners if required.