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First Aid Kits & Cabinets

First aid kits are needed in all areas of a workplace, from kitchens to factory floors. Even in offices, where most people think that a kit is not needed because the risks are so small, it is essential to have some first aid supplies.

First aid kits often come in their own container and cabinets are also a good option, particularly in areas where it can be warmer or have a damp atmosphere. The cabinet protects the contents from becoming damaged by the environmental conditions, ensuring that the kit is in good condition for as long as possible

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Company vehicles should all have a first aid kit. Generally, they will only have to contain enough supplies for one or two people, with contents such as eyewash pods, sterile dressings, plasters and antibacterial wipes. Many workplaces overlook the need for eyewash stations as part of their first aid kits. These are designed to be used if chemicals come into contact with the eye or if the eye is affected by dust. The stations come complete with a mirror so that the eyewash can be used easily when needed. Once a bottle has been opened, it will need to be replaced. Refills are available for first aid kits and eyewash cabinets. Remember that there may be different requirements for first aid kits in different parts of the building, so the canteen first aid kit will differ from that in the office.