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Safety lockout hasp

Simple protection for engineers and machine repair professionals


From: £5.99 ex. VAT ( £7.19 inc. VAT)
  • Immobilises machinery until every worker has removed their individual lock
  • Holds up to six different padlocks
  • Highly visible, red coloured design

Working on large or complex pieces of machinery is always a challenge, but starting it up before everyone has safely completed their part of the job can cause serious injury or worse. This straight-forward hasp provides a cost-effective solution that dramatically reduces the risk of this happening. The hasp device can be fastened into place by up to six different padlocks, effectively immobilising the machinery. As each worker starts working on the machine, they put their padlock in place. When they've finished, they remove their padlock. Once the final padlock has been removed, the hasp can be taken away and the machine becomes operable once more.

This safety hasp is made from tough, durable, plated steel that's been case-hardened, maximising its durability. Not only does this choice of material mean that the lockout hasp has enormous resistance to chemicals, rust and other hazards which can cause weakening, the safety hasp is also designed to be very difficult to tamper with.

The safety lockout hasp is covered with brightly coloured, insulating vinyl, ensuring it can be easily seen and providing a measure of safety against electric shock.

Padlocks aren't supplied with the item, but we have a good selection of padlocks which are manufactured for use with the safety lockout hasp.

To store your lockout hasps and padlocks safely when not in use, we recommend a specialist cabinet. This handy container not only ensures that lockout hasps are safely stored all in one place, but the brightly coloured, highly visible exterior serves as a useful visual reminder to employees that the hasps are there and should be used.

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