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Flame-retardant emergency exit single door stopper with 120db alarm

Stop people misusing emergency exits with this compact unit

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From: £118.00 ex. VAT
From: £69.90 ex. VAT ( £83.88 inc. VAT)
  • Quick, simple installation
  • Long-life battery included
  • Flame-retardant polycarbonate construction

Emergency exits must be kept closed when they're not needed, for reasons of both security and safety. It can be difficult to control fire doors, and if you have a problem with people using them as regular doors, it's a challenge to stop them. This simple alarm unit can provide an effective way to deter emergency exit misuse and keep your premises secured.

This unit is designed for use with single doors, but we also stock a version that can be installed on double fire doors. Installation is quick and straightforward, and there's no need for significant disruption or extensive work to be carried out. It comes pre-fitted with a long-life alkaline battery, so no external power source is needed, and a low battery warning gives you plenty of notice if it needs to be replaced.

Once it's fitted to a door, the 120dB alarm sounds and alerts anyone in a wide surrounding area. If the door needs to be opened for authorised reasons, a key-operated override function lets you do so without setting off the alarm. The unit is available in either red or green, which are both eye-catching colours, though the latter complements the design of fire exit signs, so it can help people find their way out in an emergency.

The exit stopper is designed to be strong and durable, with a flame-retardant polycarbonate body keeping it safe and operational if a fire breaks out nearby. Its design includes text informing people that the door is an emergency exit only, so it helps to deter people from trying to open it, avoiding situations where the alarm is set off by people who were unaware.

If you have fire doors that you want to keep open most of the time, the Dorgard fire door retainer holds them in place, but automatically releases them in the event of a fire to keep the blaze contained and comply with legal regulations for fire safety.

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