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Anti Slip Matting

A mineral coated matting with superior anti-slip properties.

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From: £66.95 ex. VAT ( £80.34 inc. VAT)
  • Portable mat that's oil resistant
  • Robust, durable and easy to clean
  • This product has passed slip resistance test DIN 51130 Cat R11

Accidental slips and falls are a major cause of industrial injuries each year. To minimise this risk, anti slip matting is the perfect solution. Available in convenient 10m lengths, this matting is intended to offer a firm, stable surface for workers in many demanding environments.

This matting has been designed for use in tough, challenging workplaces where it is likely to be exposed to heavy traffic and potentially high volumes of metal chips or other detritus. Whether it's installed in one location as a permanent solution to a slipping hazard, or relocated periodically depending on where need exists, this matting will provide effective slip protection wherever it's placed. Because it's extremely lightweight (weighing around 2.6kg/square metre), transportation is safe and quick to accomplish.

As soon as it's placed on a floor surface, the innovative anti-skid backing immediately sticks, providing a secure matting as soon as its needed.

A tough construction is vital to longevity and efficient performance - this matting doesn't disappoint! Specifically constructed to last, it's extremely tough and also resistant to oil - a major advantage in an industrial location. If you also need a mat that's designed to absorb moisture and dirt, as well as benefiting from anti-slip properties, an entrance mat can work really well. For workplace entrances, an enviro entrance mat offers a long lasting, high performance alternative.

The anti-slip matting we provide is made by a trusted manufacturer and complies with all relevant health and safety legislation.

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