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Visitor Book

Record who visits your premises with a visitor book.


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  • Record all comings and goings
  • Creates a record with the date of all past visits
  • Allows guests to record comments

It is essential for any business to know exactly who is visiting and when to ensure site security. The best way to keep a record of this is with a visitor book. It’s a great way to record the comings and goings of your workplace with minimal work on your part, as guests write their own details (although we would suggest the visitor book is left with security for further protection, if possible.) After a visitor book is complete, you can add it to your own records so you can get an accurate picture of who was on the premises, and when, with ease.

This book is split into columns, including date, first name, surname, time in, time out and comments. It is printed on high quality white paper, so as to ensure records are long lasting.

A visitor book allows guests to register their comments, an invaluable insight into your business at little cost to you. Guests comments can give you an accurate picture of what you are succeeding in and what you are failing in, allowing you to identify current practices, what needs to be improved and what is working well.

Having past visitors books to hand is an invaluable resource if there's a breach in security. If you suspect or have evidence of a crime being committed on your premises, an accurate, up to date visitors book will enable you to identify who was in your workplace and what times they were there. The police can use this to identify possible suspects.

Looking back on a visitors book can also be an emotional and sentimental experience, reading comments from long term customers and positive commendations. To further enhance your visitors' experience, install our visitor parking bay kit to make visiting your business a pleasure for all guests and protect guest passes with our translucent badge holders.

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