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Essential Fire Exit Signs With Left-Facing Running Man Pictogram

Provide clear directions to the nearest fire escape for your staff and visitors


From: £4.99 ex. VAT
From: £4.04 ex. VAT ( £4.85 inc. VAT)

  • Universal green and white colour with pictogram of a running man
  • Easy to fit into place for a permanent solution
  • Conform to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and BS 5499

Fire safety is without a doubt one of the most important considerations for any public facility or workplace, and having adequate exits and fire safety equipment available to your staff and visitors is a serious legal requirement. These fire exit signs with a left-facing running man are ideal for placing throughout your facility to clearly direct people to the nearest safe exit. The signs are made to be ultra-resistant to tough conditions, ensuring that they stay clear and visible to people at all times.

The signs have a mandatory green background, and white bold text bearing the ‘fire exit’ message. These colours are instantly recognisable as denoting fire safety and so will naturally be eye-catching to people in your building when the need arises. The pictogram of a man running in a left-facing direction clearly tells people where to find the fire escape and is easy for anyone to understand. Made from a choice of vinyl and plastic materials, these durable signs are more likely to be used indoors, but are also suitable for withstanding outdoor conditions. They will not damage easily, are fire resistant and water resistant and will erode, peel or fade as a result of contact with many common chemicals.

We also stock the matching fire exit signs with right-facing running man, which are often purchased with these left-facing signs in order to provide directions to your fire exit from multiple points in the building.

Ensure your site has effective means by which to deal with a fire should one arise. Make sure you install a collection of fire safety equipment to help protect your staff and visitors.

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