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Safety & Security Equipment

Safety and security are two aspects of life that we take incredibly seriously here at SafetyShop. Supplying a wide range of sectors to include education, construction and health, as well as products for personal use, our aim is to ensure that no one is ever without the equipment they need, whether that’s a first aid kit, security products for your home and workplace, office accessories or waste management solutions. As well as providing those initial products, we also stock refills, replacements and power supplies to keep your home and workplace safe, secure and in constant operation.

safety & security equipment

It’s not enough to purchase safety and security equipment with the intention of protecting your home or workplace: you must ensure that kit is properly maintained and well looked after to ensure it continues to work for you. For this reason, we are proud to present for sale a range of batteries and power supplies, each designed to keep a particular aspect of your life up and running. Take, for example, our Unilite battery charger, which is designed to be used in conjunction with our heavy-duty safety torch; the charger will keep your torch in good working order regardless of how often you use it, or the distance you travel around your business each evening.

Other products in the safety and security range include our long-lasting alkaline batteries, to be used in key fobs, torches, gadgets and clocks across a range of sectors; long-lasting GP lithium 3V CR2032 batteries, which suit fitness devices, heart monitors, scales and probes; 1.5V silver oxide batteries to power hearing aids and photographic instruments, and a rechargeable alarm battery, which will keep your commercial or industrial premises protected in the event of a blaze or security breach. We also stock a Unilite vehicle charger, which is ideal for use in trucks, vans and lorries, and 1.5V button cell batteries, which are used widely across the medical profession to power thermometers, hand-held probes, stopwatches, watches, lasers and calculators. Whatever your product, we are here to keep it running.

Choosing the right batteries and power supplies for your safety and security equipment can often be difficult, particularly if you’re attempting maintenance on items you’ve not had very long. We offer friendly, impartial and helpful advice here at SafetyShop, and will gladly talk you through any issues you may be having when it comes to caring for your kit.

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