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JSP Invincible Mark VII Safety Helmet with Built-In Visor

Retracting visor provides eye protection when needed, stows away when not


£20.75 ex. VAT ( £24.90 inc. VAT)
  • Highly-visible yellow
  • Easily adjustable for comfort
  • Soft webbing and band cushion the head

Helmets of various kinds are essential on construction sites, in unsafe buildings and all manner of other working environments where there's a risk of impacts to the head. Where eye protection is also sometimes needed, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to wear with a helmet, but this product combines both into a single unit for convenient and comfort.

The bright yellow helmet is eye-catching, making it difficult to lose and increasing safety in busy, hectic work environments. It features an integrated visor which stows away comfortably inside the helmet when not in use, simply pulling out when needed. This allows the user to tailor the protection to their needs, quickly and easily.

This helmet is comfortable to wear, easy to adjust and effective at keeping staff and visitors safe on your site. Make sure people wear hard hats where they're required to with our reminder sign.

Additional Information

Brand JSP®
Colour(s) Yellow
Description Non-vent
Supplied in Single

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