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Fingerless Ergodyne Impact work gloves

Impressive protection from impact without compromising on tactility.


From: £46.85 ex. VAT ( £56.22 inc. VAT)
  • Features gel polymer palm pads to dampen shock
  • Non slip, abrasion-resistant nitrile-coated palm
  • Extremely flexible and comfortable to wear

Musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) are some of the most common injuries that can occur over time from impact on the joints while at work. Unfortunately, these are also some of the most challenging injuries to prevent when compared to other workplace hazards. Technology is changing all the time as research produces better solutions to these common risks. One way to prevent or stop further progression of musculoskeletal disorders is to invest in the right ergonomic hand protection and protective equipment.

Close or tough work can take a toll on your hands, causing some of the most common industrial injuries. Ideal for a huge range of settings, including riveting, sanding, grinding, demolition, drilling, mining, oil or gas refining, heavy construction and assembly or fabrication, it will help to protect your hands from the impact. Designed to work with the natural contours of your hand, leaving half of your fingers free for optimal dexterity and grip, they are perfect for even small work which requires tactility.

Hard-wearing yet soft to the touch, neoprene knuckle pads protect impact points without restricting movement - unlike traditional hand protection. Gel polymer pads on the palm help to absorb and dampen shock adding to the flexibility without compromising on impact protection. Smart blue and grey in colour, they're seamless for comfort and won't snag, tear or scuff thanks to the abrasion-resistant materials and non-slip nitrile coating on the palm for added durability.

Simply slip on and secure with the low profile hook and loop closure, using the convenient pull on tab to help. Available in sizes ranging from medium to extra large, they're the ideal solution for a wide range of different tasks, helping to protect your hands.

For some alternatives, take a look at the Ergodyne proflex 670 wrist support and our full range of safety gloves.

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Product Description Ergodyne Fingerless Impact Gloves

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