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Breakaway contractor/visitor printed badge safety lanyards

Help to protect against accidents and clearly designate visitors

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From: £17.99 ex. VAT ( £21.59 inc. VAT)
  • Breakaway design means lanyard pulls off easily, preventing accidents and tearing of clothing
  • Available in two types - 'contractor' or 'visitor', with colour coding
  • Perfect for whistles, stop watches, and visitor ID cards

These breakaway contractor/visitor printed badge safety lanyards will help you to give visitors to your workplace the equipment they need while keeping them safe from accidents. As well as providing a stylish alternative to other chains and methods of identification, they are also designed with safety in mind. The unique 'breakaway' design of the lanyards means that they easily come off, preventing tearing of clothing as well as serious accidents should they be caught in any machinery, making them ideal for use in industrial environments.

The lanyards come in two distinct variants, in red and blue, printed with 'visitor' or 'contractor' respectively, helping you clearly distinguish between different types of visitor easily and quickly. Custom printing of text is also available for the lanyards if any other information or designations are required.

The lanyards are sold in useful packs of 10 or 50 to suit the requirements of your workplace, whether large or small. They measure 850mm in length, and are perfect for use in tandem with other equipment such as whistles, stop watches, and visitor ID cards - small items can easily attach to the end and work in tandem with the breakaway system to remain safe.

If you have frequent visitors to your workplace and require greater organisation, take a look at our full range of ID badges and visitor management accessories to see how we can make things smoother and more efficient. We also stock a wide range of safety and security equipment to help you maintain efficient and reliable procedures - be sure to browse our full catalogue here to see all our latest products and offers.

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