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Barrier Ropes

Highly effective, portable and visually appealing crowd control solutions.


From: £35.90 ex. VAT ( £43.08 inc. VAT)
  • Simple, self-closing system which enables easy fastening
  • High quality, velour material for attractive visual impact
  • Ideal for use indoors to manage queues

Particularly at events or other temporary projects, effective queue management is vital to the overall success of the occasion. Not only does queue management reduce waiting times and ensures that visitors and customers end up at the right spot for their needs, it also allows more effective security and minimises the risk of accidents due to over crowding or poorly managed crowds.

These barrier ropes can be bought alongside appropriate posts in order to provide a holistic answer to indoor crowd control issues.

One of the major advantages of these barrier ropes is their appearance. Made from premium material and available in a selection of colours, they're ideal for locations where tasteful, discreet fixings and furnishing are important.

Because they're designed for temporary use, they're quick and simple to put into position and can be easily moved elsewhere to swiftly accommodate changing crowd dynamics. This makes them ideal for use on-site or in temporary venues such as marquees or show stands, as well as in buildings.

If you're responsible for crowd control and security, we offer a number of other items which can make the job significantly easier. Our stock includes ID Bands, Tensabarrier for use in locations where visibility is vital and badge holders. When used together, these measures can help to ensure that every attendee at an event is able to enjoy it safely and without the frustration and confusion which poorly controlled crowd movements can bring.

These barrier ropes provide a discreet yet unmistakable visual cue for visitors on where they should be heading, facilitating straight-forward, highly organised crowd movements.

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