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Multiple-use laboratory wash bottles

Translucent easy-squeeze plastic wash bottles with metal nozzles


From: £8.95 ex. VAT ( £10.74 inc. VAT)
  • Made from high-quality translucent plastic
  • Soft containers ideal for squeezing and cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning laboratory equipment

Sanitisation and hygiene are important in any working or learning environment, and items need to be kept to an adequate level of cleanliness. Our wash bottles make cleaning a variety of equipment easy, whether in a laboratory, construction site, school or other working establishment.

Our wash bottles, also known as cleaning bottles, sterilising bottles and plastic wash containers, have metal nozzles that are twisted into place onto the necks of the bottles for a tight and secure fit. The flexible, versatile plastic containers make them easy to squeeze, meaning that they are ideal for cleaning a range of equipment and substances. The bottles are particularly useful in a laboratory setting, where glassware – such as glass cabinets and test tubes – needs to be regularly wiped clean from potentially hazardous substances.

When cleaning surfaces within environments such as laboratories, it is always recommended to properly sanitise the hands afterwards. Our DEB InstantFoam Hand Sanitiser provides an easy, quick and thorough way to ensure your hands are sufficiently clean after handling potentially dangerous substances.

The wash bottles are made from a high quality translucent plastic, meaning that it is easy to identify any contents that they are storing. The soft and smooth plastic of the main container makes them easy and comfortable to grip during cleaning. When not in use, these extra-light weight bottles are easy to store within any suitable storage system.

Storage cabinets are an effective way to store items such as wash bottles and other cleaning equipment. Our tool cabinet is a useful place to store a range of items regularly needed within any working environment.

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