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Highly Visible Wide Yellow Manual Snow Plough

Take the effort out of clearing large patches of snow


£115.00 ex. VAT ( £138.00 inc. VAT)

  • Bright yellow design for increased safety
  • Bi-directional blade flips over to change direction
  • Use on snow up to 15 centimetres deep

Heavy snowfall can leave areas inaccessible to vehicles or pedestrians, and this can cause big problems for your business if access is required. Closed off roads, car parks and loading bays can stop people making deliveries, prevent customers from accessing your services, and any number of other problems that can leave a huge dent in your profits and efficiency. This wide snow plough is a simple but highly effective way to get rid of snow quickly, covering a large area with every push and helping you get the job done fast.

The bright yellow blade of the plough is highly visible, helping to prevent tripping accidents while it's in use or being stored. It has a bi-directional blade that can be flipped over to change direction, saving you time when clearing large areas of snow. It can be used on up to 15 centimetres of snow, making it suitable for even tough jobs. If you use forklift trucks in your business, our forklift snow plough makes a useful alternative to a manual product, letting you work efficiently and without the effort of pushing a plough by hand.

Our snow plough lets you push thick, deep snow safely aside so you can clear the way for vehicles and foot traffic. Once you've moved the snow, it's important to use a de-icing salt on the ground to make sure it's safe. This will get rid of slippery ice and help prevent its return, and can also stop snow building up again. Our salt and spreader kit includes a pushable, wheeled spreader to apply salt evenly and save you time.

It's important to have a safe, secure place to keep your de-icing supplies so they're ready for use whenever the weather takes a bad turn. Our lockable grit bin prevents tampering with de-icing salt and keeps your stocks dry and functional.

Additional Information

Blade Size (H x W)
Colour(s) Yellow
Packaging Qty. 1
Specifications / Characteristics Bi-directional blade
Change direction easily
Up to 15cm of snow
Supplied in Single
Blade Size 203 (H) x 965mm (W)
Handle Size 1120mm (L)

Customer Reviews

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6 years ago

Service: Fast efficent service

Product: Well overpriced for the qualityOur response: Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry that you felt the products ordered were overpriced for the quality. I'm not sure which of the products ordered you refer to and when I checked your order it doesn't appear you have previously contacted us regarding this. If you do incur any problems with the products upon use, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be pleased to assist.

Anne Wilde
Safetyshop Team

8 years ago

Service: Ordered with on line support and excellent service from assistant

Product: Good

8 years ago

Service: Very fast delivery

Product: Good

9 years ago

Service: a bit on the pricey side,

Product: Good

9 years ago

Service: Good range of products

Product: Excellent

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