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Forklift Truck Snow Plough Replacement Wear Strips

Replacement forklift truck snow plough strips with efficient angled blade design


From: £79.95 ex. VAT ( £95.94 inc. VAT)
  • Designed to fit universal forklift snow plough attachment
  • Suitable for use as general purpose yard cleaner as well as snow plough
  • Available in 1200mm or 1500mm

These replacement rubber blades are designed to fit the Universal Forklift Truck Snow Plough Attachment and are available in 1200mm or 1500mm to suit the size of attachment you have purchased. Over time, the rubber blades can gradually wear out and to maximise efficiency it is advised to replace them as soon as they begin to show signs of wear of tear.

The angled design of the blades ensures that they can quickly and efficiently clear large areas of snow, which is ideal for yards, loading areas or car parks. The snow plough attachment is also suitable for use as a general purpose yard cleaner, and will therefore be a sound investment that you can make use of all year round.

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