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Safety Compliant Intumescent Door Seals For Fires

Safety compliant intumescent door seals for fires only.


From: £3.99 ex. VAT ( £4.79 inc. VAT)
  • Safety compliant
  • Fire resistant for up to 60 minutes
  • Two size options

Fire safety and prevention is important in any building, and as an effective measure to maximise your security, our safety compliant intumescent door seals for fires are the ideal solution.

Designed for fire prevention only, these special seals are made from intumescent materials that expand around the door to form a seal when exposed to heat. This prevents fire from entering a room for up to 60 minutes, allowing for vital time to escape a building and avoiding further damage.

For your additional peace of mind, our door seals have been fully tested to comply with safety standards. You can choose between two sizes and two colours, to suit your requirements.

If you want a seal that is also protective against smoke, our intumescent fire and smoke door seals are the ones to select.

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