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Lightweight, sturdy static step unit

A range of lightweight, static step units with a sturdy steal frame ideal for the home or workplace


From: £55.95 ex. VAT ( £67.14 inc. VAT)
  • Ideal for office and light warehouse use
  • Nestable, stable, strong steel frame
  • Non-slip injection-moulded treads for added safety

We often need to fetch items from hard-to-reach places, both at work and at home, and our handy range of lightweight step units will ensure you can reach higher up items and areas safely and with ease.

With a strong and stable steel frame you can rest assured our step units are sturdy and safe, and more than adequate for health and safety requirements. We have also fitted each of our units with non-slip injection-moulded treads to prevent any slips and falls. If you wish to find out more about health and safety in the workplace please check out our Introduction into Health and Safety DVD.

Our handy steps have the added bonus of being nestable, folding away to be easily stored. Whether at home or work, it's simple to give the handy steps a quick fold to be stored away in your desired storage area.

The product comes in a range of sizes: one step for lighter use, suitable for a home environment, or two steps for added reach, which is useful in a warehouse or other places of work. If you are looking for more elevation, our Safestep Mobile Steps allow access to higher places such as a library, archive, or larger warehouse.

The static step unit comes in a slick, attractive black and powder-coated beige design. With black treads on both the steps and the feet of the unit, a pleasing colour palette is created whilst also adding to the stability of the product.

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