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Versatile, Adjustable Box Section Combination Ladder

Multiple ladders in one, adaptable to many applications


From: £133.00 ex. VAT
From: £115.00 ex. VAT ( £138.00 inc. VAT)
  • Extra strength through box section stiles
  • Slip-resistant feet for increased stability
  • Saves carrying several ladders with you

Working with ladders, you may find that a single type isn't suitable for everything you need. This can be particularly inconvenient when your work is done on the move, as carrying more than one ladder with you creates extra hassle and takes up valuable space in your work vehicle. With a combination ladder, you can effectively take several ladders in one everywhere you go, for a far easier option that will save room in your van or in storage.

This ladder is designed to be as safe as possible, with box section stiles lending an extra level of strength. The rungs are 'D'-shaped, which gives extra security to your footing when using the ladder. Finally, non-slip feet keep the base of the ladder firmly in place while it's in position, so you can climb it with confidence.

If you prefer to use different ladders for different tasks, we stock a full selection of ladders and stepladders, with models suited to every application.

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