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3-Way Fibreglass Combination Ladder

Insulated for safety when working with electricity


From: £402.00 ex. VAT ( £482.40 inc. VAT)
  • Non-conductive up to 30,000 volts
  • Can be used as an A-frame, extended stepladder or stairwell ladder
  • Telescopic base for increase safety and stability

With different types of ladder being designed specifically for different applications, you may find that one ordinary ladder doesn't fit all of your needs. A combination ladder such as this one gives you three ladders in one, saving storage space and making transportation much easier. It is straightforward to set to the three different positions, making it easy and convenient to use.

Fibreglass is strong but light weight, making it a great choice of material for a ladder you might need to move frequently or carry several times throughout the day. The main advantage it has over metals, however, is that it is insulated and is non-conductive to 30,000 volts. This makes it the ultimate choice for safety if you need to work around electricity. If this isn't a concern, but you're looking for the convenience of a combination ladder, we also stock a strong, light weight metal 3-way ladder.

Our fibreglass model features a telescopic base, which gives extra stability and safety if you need to use it on uneven ground. It also has integrated wall wheels and secure aluminium locking, all adding up to a top quality ladder where safety is a key part of its design, and it fully complies with EN61478. To increase the comfort of the ladder when in use, it has shaped rungs, which are particularly useful if you need to stand on it for long periods – for example, if using it for decorating. The guides on the laddder are manufactured from strong nylon, and are long-lasting and good quality.

If you work with electricity and need the safety provided by non-conductive fibreglass, this may well be the ideal ladder you. If you don't need a combination ladder, take a look at our more basic, general purpose fibreglass ladders.

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