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Tough, Absorbent Enviro Entrance Mats

Slip resistant matting for building entrances of all types.


From: £38.90 ex. VAT ( £46.68 inc. VAT)
  • Ultra-durable material that's resistant to water, chemicals, UV light and dirt
  • Can be sized to fit doorways of almost any size
  • Carpeted right to the edge, avoiding the problem of frayed or worn borders

Not only is dirt and dust carried in from outdoors on footwear an eyesore, it can also spread bacteria and potentially reduce indoor air quality. Trap dirt, dust and detritus at the door with this highly effective entrance mat. Designed to both remove dirt and trap it, the matting can significantly reduce the amount of unwanted particles that penetrate into interior space. Created with a recycled rubber backing, this mat is kind to the planet as well as great for enhancing cleanliness. Other options include coir matting and this tough rib entrance mat.

Additional Information

Brand COBA

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