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Kitemarked Economy Fire Blanket in Flexible Polythene Bag

A money-saving fire blanket that's no less effective


From: £6.95 ex. VAT ( £8.34 inc. VAT)
  • Designed to be tamper-evident, helping you carry out inspections
  • Supplied in a tough, flexible polythene bag for hanging on a wall
  • Kitmarked to British standards and guaranteed for five years

A fire blanket is an important part of your safety equipment, but sometimes blankets go forgotten as people only think to install fire extinguishers. A blanket should always be supplied wherever there's a particular risk of smaller fires breaking out or of people's clothing catching alight. They're especially useful in kitchens, where pans can catch alight, and are commonly found in all kinds of catering environments, student accommodation, hospitals and nursing homes.

As part of your fire safety precautions, you should make sure all the necessary equipment is provided to minimise fire spreading and deal with the situation effectively. It's important not to neglect training, however, as equipment is useless if people don't know how to use it properly. Our introduction to fire safety DVD is a great way to provide information to staff and to help them remember it after training.

If a fire occurs, sometimes it can cause difficulty seeing properly, either because the building fills with smoke or because the lights stop working. If this is the case, our glow-in-the-dark fire blanket sign ensures it can still be found easily in low light situations, and it also provides instructions on how to use it either on a person's clothes or on kitchen fires.

This fire blanket comes in a flexible polythene bag, which keeps it safe and protected from the elements, so you won't come to use it only to find it's been damaged through neglect. The bag has an eyelet for hanging it on the wall, keeping it in easy reach and raising its visibility. If you're concerned that a flexible bag won't provide enough protection, we also stock fire blankets in a hard case, which also come complete with signs to inform people if the blanket is missing, and to provide usage instructions with pictures.

Despite its low price point, this economy fire blanket is guaranteed for five years and kitemarked to BS EN 1869 (1997), so it's been tested for reliability to an excellent standard, giving you assurance that it won't let you down when you need it.

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