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Compact flat pack fire blankets

A compact and easy to store solution, without compromising on safety.


From: £26.99 ex. VAT ( £32.39 inc. VAT)
  • Available in two sizes
  • Slim, compact design
  • Reinforced hanging point to store easily

A fire blanket is an essential piece of fire safety equipment to extinguish fires in the kitchen or on clothing.

If you have limited wall or storage space, our safety compliant flat pack fire blankets are a great space saving solution for your fire safety needs, whether it's in the home or the workplace.

Available in two sizes, both of our fire blankets fold down to a neat and compact size that can easily be stored in smaller rooms. There is also a heavy duty brass reinforced hanging point so that you can display the fire blanket somewhere prominent and ready for use in an emergency. For additional fire safety awareness, you might find our fire action notice signs an invaluable accompaniment to display with your flat pack fire blanket.

Despite their compact size, the quality of these fire blankets are not at all compromised, meeting all of the relevant fire safety standards and requirements. The fire blanket is housed in a slim and compact red case, making it clearly visible in the case of an emergency. The case is made from an industrial grade, wipe clean PVC, so you don't need to worry about any spills affecting the blanket inside.

Should you need to use the fire blanket, it is easily accessible via the two black tabs that release the blanket from the case when they are pulled. You can also find a simple set of instructions and accompanying illustrations on the PVC case, demonstrating how you should use the blanket to smother and put out a fire.

If you're using our flat pack fire blankets in the work place, a fire safety log book is also a worthwhile investment to keep all of your essential fire safety information in one readily available place.

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