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Extra strong crossweave glass fibre reinforced tapes

Perfect for heavy duty banding and packaging


From: £34.99 ex. VAT ( £41.99 inc. VAT)
  • Bi-directional and extra strong
  • 2 different widths available
  • 12 rolls of tape per pack

Sometimes banding and packaging in the workplace requires a tape that is more heavy-duty than usual. Our extra strong crossweave glass tapes are perfect for such situations.

The bi-directional, extra strong glass fibre in each reinforced strip of tape makes it less likely to rip or tear, even when exposed to the most adverse conditions. This will give increased peace of mind in the knowledge that whatever is being banded or packaged will remain secure until it reaches its final destination.

Where regular tape could rip and fail to stay intact, the glass tape won’t come unfixed until it is intentionally removed. We supply 12 rolls of tape per pack with 2 different widths to choose from (25mm or 50mm).

Alternatively, our weatherproof strong polypropylene adhesive tapes can withstand a range of different temperatures and weather conditions, making it superb for less heavy-duty packaging.

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