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Durable and Versatile Stretchwrap Film

Simple solution to protecting products and preventing stock loss


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  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for a wide range of businesses

Few items carry such versatility as our stretchwrap film. Useful throughout the year, every company can benefit from having a box at hand.

Available in various strengths, transport companies can use the protective sheeting to surround boxes or loose items on pallets-ensuring that they stay in one place, reducing the risk of damages. Purchased in black or wrapped in enough clear layers, it will also help conceal cargo, making it perfect for disguising products that demand discretion. With the items out of sight, opportunistic thieves will be dissuaded from trying to get through the tightly bound wrap.

Resilient and durable, stretchwrap will protect items on pallets and decks from most natural occurrences, keeping products dry and away from direct sunlight. Surrounded in enough layers, it will take a small blade to get through, also helping to prevent the likelihood of casual thefts.

Not just designed for the transport industries, offices can also benefit from the many uses of the protective rolls. Storing disused or old equipment until they can be sold off isn't a straightforward task. Damage from dust and small animals is likely to occur, but when kept in a secure room and properly wrapped in our film, your computers, furniture and stationery will be from safe from these easily preventable issues.

Presented in tube form, employees will effortlessly be able to make light work of large and small items. Tearing off with ease, it can also be split with a pair of scissors for items that demand neatness. Designed to gently stretch without giving way, it's perfect for businesses that deal in large varieties and quantities of items.

With the nature of the concealed items hidden from view, it only makes sense to have some identifier on the secure packaging. Our fluorescent write-on labels are perfect for lorries, warehouses and storage rooms. Simple yet informative, you can mark each pallet with a unique number so that any valuable or secretive units continue to remain known only to authorised personnel.

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