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Wall-Mounted Badge Rack Panel

Badge rack suitable for all workplaces to hold clock cards and ID passes


From: £94.99 ex. VAT ( £113.99 inc. VAT)
  • Perfect for housing passes, badges or clock cards
  • Various sizes available
  • Mount on wall in any environment

The badge rack panel can be mounted on the wall in any environment, using the fittings provided, making it perfect for holding passes, badges or clock cards in any workplace. The heading track makes labelling the panel easy whilst the built-in margin helps to index each pocket.

The panel comes in two different sizes, one with 40 pockets and the other with 60, to provide you with the number of slots you need. It can hold cards that are 54 mm by 84 mm. The top part of each card is still visible once contained in the rack so employees can easily recognise their own card.

Keep record of any visitors attending your site, who may not have ID passes or badges, with our visitor book.

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