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'A' Boards & Barriers

We have various A boards and safety signs that can be used in many different situations. Whether you need a sign for a slippery floor, hot water, wet paint or icy conditions, we will have the A board for you. A boards are a great tool for cautioning people when a temporary hazard has occurred. Often, the slippery floor will be the result of regular cleaning, and a slippery floor warning A board is a great investment for any cleaning crew, but some hazards occur with little or no warning, so it’s important to have a safety sign for when this happens. 


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There are also occasions when a barrier rather than a safety sign or A board is more appropriate. In some cases, this might be obvious, such as on a construction site, but hazards such as faulty lifts or unsafe stairs can arise in any workplace or building, and having a barrier handy will help you make sure that your employees and the general public are safe. We also have signs that are appropriate for general use, such as Ladies Toilet signs, Disabled Access Toilet signs and Wash Your Hands Please signs. These signs help make your working environment a safer place and ensure that you are adhering to official health and safety directives. We also offer Updateable Floor Stands, which can be used in the event of any hazard or safety issue, and offer versatility with an updateable sign holder, which you can change according to your needs.