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Plastic Or Vinyl Warning Steep Stairs Signs

Adequately warn people of potential trip and fall dangers in the workplace


From: £2.25 ex. VAT
From: £1.82 ex. VAT ( £2.19 inc. VAT)

  • Sturdy vinyl or plastic material signs in a range of sizes
  • Can be erected indoors and outdoors
  • Bold message and colours that conform to UK and EU health and safety regulations

Although they might not seem to be one of the more pertinent dangers in the workplace, stairs are actually a common location for injury and accidents. Trips and falls as a result of steps and stairs happen all the time, even when all the necessary precautions are taken by the employee or the workplace. However, you can make sure you do your best to warn people to take care when passing through steep stairs with these warning signs. Coming in a universally recognisable yellow and black colour combination, the signs also contain a walking stick man figure within a warning triangle for added clarity.

Position your signs wherever there is a need in your workplace; application has never been easier thanks to their sticky backs. Just place into the desired spot and press down firmly to achieve a permanent adhesion that won’t come unstuck. The steep stairs danger signs have been made to endure all types of harsh conditions, and are fully resistant to water and many harmful chemicals. You can also use the signs outdoors without worry – their vinyl or plastic material can cope with all weather conditions without the need for replacement.

You can minimise the risk of injury from falls in the workplace by installing various trip and fall signs around your facility at danger points such as stairs, sudden drops and small steps.

For an alternative option to warning of steps and stairways, these mind your step signs can be used in many different situations to warn of potential fall dangers. Don't let stairs be a danger - start protecting your staff and visitors today.

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