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Noise level multi-message warning sign in a choice of sizes and materials

Combine eye-catching noise level warning with encouragement to wear PPE


From: £1.99 ex. VAT
From: £1.61 ex. VAT ( £1.93 inc. VAT)
  • Two messages in one to save space and money
  • Highly visible design, including symbols to attract attention
  • A versatile range of different options

Excessive noise is extremely dangerous, and any workplaces that have loud machinery or other aural hazards should do all they can to ensure staff are working safely. A multi-message sign is a useful way to increase awareness of all kinds of hazards, as it combines standard warnings with more detailed information on a single sign. The combination of different types of sign increases visibility, and in practical terms, it helps you save space, time and money when considering which signs to display.

This noise warning sign begins with a yellow hazard notice, warning people that there are noise levels above 80dB in the area. This immediately urges caution and stops people proceeding into a dangerous area when they're not properly protected. The second part of the sign informs people that ear protectors must be worn in the area, making it absolutely clear that nobody should proceed without them. Using the two different warnings in combination makes it more likely that people will notice the sign and obey the instructions, helping you to keep maximum safety in your workplace. Both parts of the sign include standard symbols, which help people to recognise the meaning of each message instantly.

The sign is available in a choice of sizes, with three different materials available. Vinyl is suitable for indoor use and is flexible for applying on a range of surfaces. Rigid plastic can be used indoors or outdoors. The vinyl and one of the rigid plastic options has a self-adhesive backing, which means you can instantly mount it wherever it will be seen most easily, and no other tools or equipment are needed.

Our 'ear protection zone' floor sign is an excellent partner to this multi-message sign, making certain that people will know when they're entering a dangerously loud area.

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