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High Visibility ‘Warning Caustic’ Sign with Symbol

Warns viewers of potential chemical hazards in and around the workplace

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From: £5.49 ex. VAT
From: £4.45 ex. VAT ( £5.34 inc. VAT)

  • A highly effective health and safety aid
  • Bold and brightly coloured for enhanced visibility
  • Compliant with all relevant legislation

Employers must bear a lot of responsibility. In the eyes of the law, the safety of everyone who uses or visits your premises is in your hands, and you are legally obliged to reduce risks and mitigate potential hazards wherever possible. This extends to installing warning signs where danger may exist.

This particular offering has been designed to help you discharge this duty. Alerting viewers to the existence of chemical hazards in and around the workplace, it is ideally suited to display in areas where caustic substances are stored or used.

Made to be fully compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation, the sign ensures that employers such as yourself meet their obligations under the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, which stipulate that hazard signs must be displayed to warn people to take appropriate care.

Crafted with high visibility in mind, the sign incorporates a bright and bold colour scheme that makes it impossible to miss. Featuring a luminous mix of white, black, and yellow, both the text and image leap out from the pale background, instantly arresting the attention of passers-by.

To help you best meet your duty, the sign is available in a choice of sizes and materials, enabling you to choose the option best suited to your individual set-up. This can be selected according to the measurements and location (indoors or out) of the area where you intend to display it.

Tough, durable, and robust, the sign can be easily mounted for long lasting results in even the most high traffic of environments. Be sure to use it alongside appropriate personal protective equipment to reduce the dangers to any who enter your premises.

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