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Warmagrip™ Warm To The Touch Handrail And Barrier System - Scroll End Piece

A scroll end piece from the Warmagrip™ handrail component system.


From: £9.20 ex. VAT
From: £8.37 ex. VAT ( £10.05 inc. VAT)

  • High quality steel scroll end component
  • UV & weather resistant
  • Simple to assemble, with Warmagrip™ anti-vandal system

This scroll end piece, from the innovative Warmagrip™ handrail and barrier system, is designed to neatly finish off one end of a handrail installation.

The component is made from high grade steel and allows a section of straight tubing, such as these Warmagrip™ pre-drilled sections, to be slotted easily into place onto the appropriate part of the scroll end, Once in place, the tubing can then be simply securely fixed in place using the Warmagrip™ fixing hand tool, with the resulting fixing, also being vandal proof.

The part of this component, which will come into contact with the hands of users of the handrail, has the unique Warmagrip™ PVC coating applied over the steel, which means it will not feel anywhere near as cold to the touch as bare metal would under the same circumstances. The fully installed handrail will be far more pleasant to use during periods of colder temperatures, than more traditional bare metal handrails.

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