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Essential Wallace Cameron Adulto Premier first aid kits

Extensive range of first aid equipment in a handy case.


From: £42.00 ex. VAT ( £50.40 inc. VAT)
  • An extensive range of essential first aid items
  • Handy carrying case featuring a fold down front opening and stable feet
  • Special rear compartment including an accident book and pen.

Nothing is more important than health and safety, especially in working environments where there are a variety of unpredictable factors and a lot of people to keep safe. When it comes to first aid, nothing beats this great little Wallace Cameron Adulto Premier first aid kit. Packed with items vital for your health and safety concerns, it includes far more products than an alternative standard HSE compliant kit, and will rescue you from emergencies in a fast, efficient, and easy manner.

The case is specially designed for easy access, with a very useful fold down front, affording a fast and comprehensive view of everything within. The case measures 360mm by 340mm and has a depth of 125mm. To the rear of the case there is a compartment containing an accident book and pen, to ensure all injuries and mishaps can be efficiently recorded as soon as they occur. The case also features sturdy feet to keep it stable and upright during use. The case has semi-automatic opening capabilities and a dust-proof lid, and is constructed from tough but light ABS plastic to protect the content.

The kit itself includes a vast supply of materials, including an ingeniously designed pilfer proof plaster dispenser, which will reduce waste and usage by 30%, as the adhesive strip on the plaster is removed upon selection, ensuring immediate and easy use. Other items include a guidance card, dressings, safety pins, bandages, scissors, tape, disposable gloves, disposable apron, alcohol free wipes and a resusciade.

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