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Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders

Easily accessible storage for a range of written information.


From: £10.99 ex. VAT ( £13.19 inc. VAT)
  • Clear plastic walls for maximum visibility
  • Easy wall mounting enables the holders to be located almost anywhere
  • Durable plastic material, resistant to wear and tear

Whether it's health and safety leaflets, first aid information or simply some promotional material about your organisation, these useful leaflet holders are just the job for accessible, robust storage. Designed to accommodate most standard sized leaflets, the clear, tough plastic walls allow people to easily see what the leaflet's about, minimising the risk of leaflets being unnecessarily chosen.

Unlike many holders for leaflets or fliers, these products can be securely fixed to a suitable wall. This is a significant benefit, as relevant information in leaflet form can be made readily available where it's likely to have most impact - for example health and safety leaflets can be placed in holders where risk is highest; first aid leaflets can be similarly located. Rather than being forgotten in an office somewhere, wall storage allows written material to be displayed in the location where it's most needed.

The leaflet holders are designed to be resistant to scratches or other signs of wear, enabling them to keep looking appealing even when used extensively. They can also be easily replenished and will hold a good number of leaflets (exact numbers are dependent on leaflet thickness). Practical and easy to use, many offices and factories across the country find that wall mounted leaflet holders are a great way of ensuring workers have the right information exactly when required.

The holders can also be used to complement other information materials. For example, a health and safety poster can be accompanied by a handy holder full of leaflets that give similar information.

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